We are the creators of live pixels, masters of visual solutions, we are creative experts.

We provide secure digital signage systems to all sectors across the UK. We also specialise in developing and integrating information and cybersecurity solutions to most signage systems. Secure your next visual event with Livepixel.


Digital Signage

Our digital signage solution is suitable for any use, from retail to transport, education to hospitality, corporate to sport..


LED Screens

LED screens are nowadays required for small or big events should it be indoor or outdoor, the high brightness and the robust design make this type of display very reliable..


Projection / Hologram

LIVEPiXEL works with some of the most talented people in the country to deliver outstanding experience in projection mapping. We also offer front & rear projection and holograms.


Information Security Systems

Securing a public billboard from displaying malign content is of paramount importance, not only it thwarts your business’s reputational damage, but it also protects the public from potential information and cyber warfare.